10 Tempting Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her Silver Jewellery Obsession

When it comes to buying gifts for women, every man finds himself confused because it gets very difficult to live up to their expectations. As Valentine’s Day is arriving shortly, it’s better for the male counterpart to start preparations and make the most of this event. This post is for all those men who are looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas for their lucky ladies.

Women and Jewellery are, indeed, best friends. So, what can be better than gifting them what they love the most? Jewellery, over the period of time, has modified itself accordingly and so have its types. Silver jewellery seems to be winning the race in comparison to its rich yellow counterpart as it offers multiple advantages to all. Below, you can find some top rated silver jewellery articles which qualify in every way for becoming the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for her.

1.  Silver Earrings- Rough Love

These amusing silver earrings are the best to gift someone on the occasion dedicated to love. Its simple and sleek design makes it ideal for every occasion. It is a perfect valentine day gift to wife/girlfriend if they use minimal fashion accessories. The price of this pair of earrings is affordable so you can easily present it with your Valentine’s Day greetings and receive all the love you deserve.

2.  Silver Anklet- Love

The design of Silver Anklets has changed over the years and today, they have become a style statement for women. They can easily go with any dress and complement it beautifully. If you want to express your feelings in an alluring way, the perfect Valentine’s Day gift to girlfriend/wife would be this ‘Love’ silver anklet. The beautifully written ‘Love’ on the anklet will show your feelings and affection towards the lady you love.

3.  Silver Bracelet- Hum Tum

Valentine’s Day dates back to 3rd century AD. Since then, it has always made us always want to stay with our loved ones, or stay in touch with them, at least. We know it’s difficult as sometimes our priorities do not allow us to do so. On Valentine’s Day 2019, go for ‘HUM TUM’ bracelet for your soul mate to remind her of you and the beautiful moments spent with you, always.

4.  Silver Charm- Moon Angel

Women usually have a better sense of fashion as they keep themselves updated according to the latest trends & we are sure this goes with your lucky lady, too. So, you can present her with this beautifully designed charm which can go along with a charm holder bracelet or necklace. Moon Angel Charm is one of the biggest designs available in charm jewellery that can be the perfect choice for your Valentine’s Day gift.   

5.  Silver Charm- Mickey Mouse

If you are thinking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas which can make her feel nostalgic, then you must go with the Mickey Mouse Silver Charm. The beautifully crafted cartoon character can make your valentine’s day memorable. The beautiful craftsmanship looks lovely when paired with matching charms according to the preference of your lady.

6.  Silver Earrings- Wild Moonstone

We Indians have a misconception that every quality product comes with a hefty price tag and that is the reason many men fail to buy what they desire for their lady love. If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day gift at an affordable price, you can go with ‘Wild Moonstone’ Silver Earrings. Its rich looking design can make your lady fall in love with you, all over again. It can be nicely paired with ethnic wear which will definitely glitter the whole persona of your valentine.

7.  Silver Ring- Love Promise

This article will never go out of fashion as rings work everywhere. This jewellery item will hold a special place in her heart and really make this day full of love worth remembering. This Valentine’s Day, gift someone this beautiful silver ring who you like the most and make your love last a lifetime. It has the word ‘I love you’ beautifully debossed which describes your feelings in a charming way.

8.  Silver Ring- Twist & Turn

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for girlfriend, which should be a beautiful combination of smooth and elegant design, your search ends here. This intricately crafted silver ring is capable of impressing your lady to the zenith. This simple yet attractive ring will look beautiful on your partner’s finger and create the perfect impression.

9.  Silver Charm- Lucky Crown

Valentine’s Day week consists of promise day which is the perfect occasion to express your love, promise, and trust for your pretty lady.  So, if you want to make her feel like a queen, go with the ‘Lucky Crown’ Charm which shows your feelings for her. This petite looking jewellery item looks even more beautiful when paired with matching charms of her choice.

10.  Silver Charm- Krishna’s Feather

Men are comparatively more protective towards their love but they are unable to show it as they fail in expression. This year, go with Krishna’s Feather Charm as your Valentine’s Day gift, which solves a dual purpose- as an alluring present and as a token of fortune and good luck.

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